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Frequently Asked Questions 

  • I've just registered my child for Southside soccer, now what?                                        Congratulations and welcome!  You can expect to hear from the club president within one month of the season start for further details.  

  • What does my child need to wear to practices and games?                                              Cleats, shin guards and comfortable clothing!  We will provide jerseys for game days. Please be sure to send your kids with water and necessary gear to play/practice in the rain. 

  • When and where will practices be held?                                                                                This will be determined by each coach.  Please handle any conflicts directly with them.  Practices are typically held at Fairhaven Park, Lake Padden, or any of the southside schools. 

  • Are the coaches volunteers?                                                                                                  Yes!  Most coaches are parents or family members of players - all of their time is donated (a.k.a. not paid) every season for the love of the game.     

  • Can we make coaching requests?                                                                                          Yes!  You can submit a coaching request during registration OR you can email our registrars directly. 

  • We may have to miss a few games, is that ok?                                                                   Absolutely!  We support vacations and all other necessary breaks needed from our casual soccer league.  Please be sure to communicate as best you can when you'll miss practices and/or Saturday games.            

  • When will I hear from my child's coach?                                                                    Within 1-2 weeks prior to the start of the season.  We know this can feel "last minute" but there are many unseen logistics and background checks that must be completed before a coach can receive their roster.  We appreciate your patience as we try to accommodate as many kids as possible each year.  

  •  When will the season schedule be posted?                                                                         Schedules are typically posted the Tuesday or Wednesday before the first Saturday game.  Again, there are many moving pieces and the schedules are designed and posted by our parent board, the WCYSA.                                            

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